photo by: Claudia Paul

photo by: Claudia Paul

Food Print Shop

The Food Print Shop is an online store featuring simple and elegant food photography by professional food photographer Evi Abeler. All prints are custom made in Harlem, NY by master printer Antoon Taghon. Order a print for your foodie friend (and throw in some homemade sea-salt caramels for good measure) or treat yourself for a delectable gift!


Evi AbeleR, Photographer

As a food and still life photographer, I work with clients in the food and design world to communicate the love, passion, and flavor that go into every project. My images focus on the natural beauty of food and objects, including the striking colors and distinct textures.

Growing up in rural Germany, I lived a farm-to-table experience. My grandmother would wash muddy carrots, pluck feathers from freshly slaughtered chickens, and cook the game that my grandfather, an avid hunter, brought home. The rich smells from the stove are still a lovely memory for me. The gift of a camera at an early age sparked a new passion, and combined with my early love of whole foods, eventually brought me to New York City to earn a master’s degree in fine art photography.

From there, I was hired by The Rubin Museum of Art as an in-house photographer and designer, a position I enjoyed for five years. On one weekend, I found myself in Woodstock, NY on a “tarts & jams” shoot when I suddenly realized that I was hooked on food and still life photography. In 2010 I opened my own studio in New York City, and made the switch from photographing works of art to shooting food and beautiful objects. 

My clients include Food & Wine Magazine, HarperCollins, the Food Network and Whole Foods Markets. In addition to my commercial photography I offer photography training and am the food photography expert at about.com


Antoon Taghon, Printer

As an apprentice in a small village in Belgium, Antoon learned all about different types of paper, as well as how to print using Letterpress and Offset Lithography machines.

He mastered the craft of book binding, with an emphasis on precision. He honed his skill in mixing colors, working not with a scale but rather by intuition, forming a connection between his palette knife and the gamut of colors.

Arriving in New York City, Antoon worked for Duggal Color Group as a drum scan technician and color correction specialist. He went on to Bruce McGaw Graphics, a fine arts publishing company and then in 2007, established his own company, Uptown Fine Art Printing.

Lucy Beni, Photo-shopper

Lucy is our photoshop expert. She makes sure that all images are perfect and ready to print. She currently studies Photography and Art History at NYU in New York City. Her passion is photo journalism and documenting stories around the world. She loves food, from French snails to Chinese Dumplings!